Public presentation act of the Entrepreneurship Training Guides



On Friday, July 7th in the morning, Prevent Foundation held a public presentation of the Guides developed in the Framework of the Project:

  • Guide of contents and methodology for an inclusive training in entrepreneurship for people with disability
  • Guide to inclusive activities to support entrepreneurship training for people with disabilities

The event was held at the “Center for the Entrepreneurship Initiative” at the Barcelona Activa headquarters (a local reference entity for local development through the promotion of employment, entrepreneurship and support to the company).

To give added value to the published material, in addition to the presentation of the Guides by Prevent Foundation, during the course of the event, Dr. Gay de Liébana also spoke about Spanish and European economic situation, as a renowned economist and jurist, explaining with a simple but clear language the current and future socio-economic situation of Spain and Europe, as well as about the environment in which entrepreneurs will move in the coming years.


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