Centro Liber Formación. Liberconsultores

Liberconsultores is a training centre with extensive experience and diversity in delivering training and learning services to trade unions, business organisations, public administrations, companies, etc. Since the creation of Liberconsultores in 1997, the company has pursued a professional activity in a stable and continuous basis at a national level with the different organisations that have put their trust in them. Our office in Madrid has wide experience in European programmes and we participate in very different kinds of projects.

Our business project came about with the objective of satisfying the training needs of companies and workers, using the best available means relating to both human and technological resources, in order to offer an optimum solution to the new labour demands of the society. We have over 19 years of experience and have trained more than 165,000 students.

This enables Liberconsultores to provide the most adequate solutions to the training needs of active workers and/or unemployed people, independently of their professional or productive sector.

Liberconsultores participates in National projects of training (adults or youngs) in the last years, with an expert team participating in European and Latin America projects.


Consorzio IES Soc. Coop. Soc.

Consorzio IES Soc. Coop. Soc. is a pretty new reality. Its main activities are focused on the realization of actions aimed at supporting social inclusion, mobility of young people and job placement of weak categories such as women, old people, people with disabilities, people without professional specialisation. Moreover, it is active in the development of sustainable policies and practices and supports the creation and management of networks and consortium as well as the promotion and development of innovation.


Fundación Prevent

Fundación Prevent was created in 1984 in Barcelona and has been operating since then in the whole Spanish territory. Our mission is to enhance quality of life for adult people with disability through their access to the labour market, as well as help making safer and healthier job environments.

We strive to change social perceptions about disability by means of empowering people with disability and offering them opportunities to be visible and to be active part of the change we promote.

Our core values are: passion for people; professionality and accountability; active will to find new challenges, solutions, needs; honesty, integrity and coherence.


Fundacja Aktywizacja

Fundacja Aktywizacja (Activation Foundation) was established in 1990. The Foundation’s mission is to provide the disabled people with independence and enhance the quality of their lives through integrated activation-targeted activities, change of the society’s attitude and use of information and communication technologies. Our main goal is to find a job on the open labour market for people with disabilities we are working with. We also provide support in formal education and additional activities for social integration.



Coop’Conseils is a collaborative platform for entrepreneurs employees since 2014 different Cooperatives Activity and Employment. Experts in social innovation, we work on engineering training and support to entrepreneurship in a logic of territorial and sustainable development. methodologies based on rich research and actions, our engineering is in line with the needs of the field and the direct beneficiaries.
The legal entity is carrying the project SCOP adequacy Talent Mine with our work on this project.
It is a training center labélisée and Cooperative Business and Employment of the Social Solidarity Economy, founded in 2005.
The Cooperative Activity and Employment (CAE) is to:

  • To support the development and sustainability of new economic activities,
  • Empower the developer of economic activities
  • To train with the approach and the entrepreneurial spirit