Centro Liber Formación. Liberconsultores

Julia García-VasoJulia García-Vaso
CEO- Madrid Manager

Lawyer with extensive experience in training and social National and European projects, with focus on the following areas: women, rural development, entrepreneurship, microfinancing and training.
Has collaborated during her professional life with European organizations (CEDEFOP, EUROAGRICUTUR, Leonardo Da Vinci, CEPFAR…) and social organizations from Spain (Trade Union of small farmers, Association of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen…)
Currently she is the team leader and Project Manager of Liberconsultores Madrid.

Elvira TortosaElvira Tortosa
Project Technician

With a Law degree and experience in volunteerism from University.
With over three years of experience working in Consulting focusing on social projects. In her area she is responsible of creating, searching and implementing of social and vocational training programs.
She participates in European vocational training, renewable energies, equality, and tourism projects.

Consorzio IES Soc. Coop. Soc.


Francesco De Rosa

President of Consorzio IES

He is a senior project manager with sound experience in project management. He has worked for different organizations and companies, covering also the role of director and president. He has competences in project management, coordination and management of European programmes, coordination and management of regional and local funded programmes, support to SMEs, cooperative societies and not-for-profit organizations. He has provided consultancy services in development of social enterprises and not-for-profit sector, European project management, creation and development of networks and partnerships, sustainable tourism, local development, job placement, social inclusion. Moreover, he has been trainer in training courses for the improvement of entrepreneurial and managerial competences in social enterprises.

Fundación Prevent

Montserrat Moré SerraMontserrat Moré Serra

With a degree in Economics at the University Abat Oliva CEU in Barcelona, she’s been leading Prevent Foundation since 1997 as Managing Director. Since 2001, she’s been as well managing Full -Audit SA , an auditing company, owned by Prevent Foundation.She’s driven the development of new areas of work in the field of social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities: promotion of programs for adapted sport and social and labor inclusion programs for people with disability. She also fostered the development of new lines of joint work between risk prevention and disability fields of work. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Cerebral Palsy Sports Federation and Vice President of the Catalan Sports Federation for Cerebral Palsy.

Doriana BagnoliDoriana Bagnoli
Inclusion for People with Disability Area Director

With a degree in Psychology, she has been working in NGOs related to disability for over 13 years. Since 2006, she’s been holding the position of Area Director for the Social Inclusion and Employment of people with disabilities at Fundación Prevent, a nonprofit organization based in Barcelona and operating in the whole Spanish territory.
Passionate for communication and teaching, she is also an active member of Toastmasters International, a non- profit organization dedicated to training in effective personal communication and leadership development, as well as a volunteer at different local associations. She’s a speaker at seminars, conferences, conventions.

Elvira TortsaNorma Ramos

With a degree in Psychology, she has been building a professional career spanning over 10 years in the NGOs sector.
She has worked as a technical specialist in disability employment and as a consulting professional on disability legislation and business.
Committed to social causes, she combines great knowledge on disability with proximity and nearness in dealing with people at risk of social exclusion.


Fundacja Aktywizacja

Dariusz GoskDariusz Gosk
Labor Market Expert and Manager of Activation Foundation’s Recruitment Agency

Over eight years of experience working in NGOs focused on helping people with disabilities in terms of career counselling, job searching, job training, developing personal and social skills – responsible to create and implement programs of social and vocational rehabilitation. Experience in establishing direct relations with employers to recruit personnel and coordinating “supported employment system”.


Agata GawskaAgata Gawska

The Chairman of the Board of the Activation Foundation, She is associated with this organization since 2008. The creator and coordinator of many projects, which are focused on vocational and social integration of people with disabilities, people who are excluded, farmers. She is the Co-founder and the Chair of the Network of Non-Governmental Labour Market Institutions that brings together 84 NGOs, which work for the labour market. She is the permanent member of NGOs in the Council of Labour Market – advisory body of the Labour Minister. The Co-founder and the Coordinator of the Group On Inclusion 14-20 gathering of non-governmental and academic experts working for people with disabilities, who care about the availability of the structural funds for people with disabilities. The Member of the Committee of Experts for People with Disabilities by the Ombudsman. The Author of many publications and articles concerning the labour market and the structural funds.


Huguette ClignetHuguette CLIGNET

in transnational cooperation, training’s entrepreneurship
and social innovation





Mélanie PEPINMélanie PEPIN

in action-research, international projects coordination
and cooperation






in the implementation of regional projects for skills development, employment
and activity – expert in developing innovative and collaborative projects






Véronique TORTVéronique TORT

in coaching, monitoring employment
and business creation for people with disabilities