What is the Project about?

“Creating Leaders for the Future” is a 24-month-long ambitious and innovative project led by 5 European entities with a large experience in social and labor inclusion for people with disability, as well as in entrepreneurial training programs, framed within the Program ERASMUS + KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices-Strategic Partnerships for adult education.
Its main objective is to design an entrepreneurial training path for people with disabilities, based on previous experiences of the partners, as well as on previously existing good practices in each country. The program will be the result of the detection, identification and analysis of unmet needs and existing gaps in training offer for people with disabilities.
The most important output will be a new, improved training model for entrepreneurial training, fully tailored to people with disability, , which will offer the opportunity to be put into practicein each partner’s country, as well as in other European countries, that present a similar social and labor situation.
The main beneficiaries of the project are adult people with different types of disabilities interested in entering the labour market through the creation of their own start-up.

What are the objectives of the project?

The general purpose is to foster the social and workplace integration of people with disabilities by supporting and assisting them during their entrepreneurial journey.
Specific objectives are::
  • To provide entrepreneurs with the necessary specific knowledge for a start-up or a business acceleration
  • To offer full support during the training and after the end of the training program
  • To boost networking opportunities among the academic field, labor market, Public Administration, NGOs and entrepreneurs, in order to offer innovative opportunities for a sustainable economic and social development
  • To facilitate a full social and workplace integration of people with different disabilities

What activities does it include?

  • COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENT: it includes the project activity coordination (implementation, transnational meetings, etc.) so to achieve a good overall project management. Fundación Prevent, from Spain, is leading the Project
  • BEST PRACTICES IDENTIFICATION: identification and analysis of best practices in the field of promotion and support of entrepreneurship for people with disabilities in Europe, as well as approach to the existing situation among the participating countries
  • METHODOLOGY AND TRAINING MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT: This package includes the design of work methodology and training modules for entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • PILOT PROJECT: Pilot experience with the presentation of the new, improved proposed training for entrepreneurs with disabilities (methodology and contents) through focus groups in each country
  • VALIDATION EUROPASS APRENDITICE: validation of the provided training so that it may be recognized by the remaining European countries
  • COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION: Dissemination of the outlined project and its results via website, social networks, newsletters, leaflets, etc.

What are it’s most important intellectual outputs?

  • Analysis of European Best Practices in the field of entrepreneurship for people with disabilities
  • Methodology and training materials about entrepreneurship
  • Cross-training methodology and materials
  • Work patterns guide and assisting activities
  • Training validation process for entrepreneurs with disabilities

Who is involved in the Project?

Fundación Prevent
Consorzio IES
Centro Liber Formación. Liberconsultores
Fundacja Aktywizacja
Mine de Talents